mi casa, su casa

after dire bloggin' experiences with vox, the old friendster, tumblr, and multiply, i finally found a new home. and i sure do hope i won't have to move once more.


-- i can finally write whatever comes into mind and say as many WTFs as I want to (haha. but I'm not kiddin though)

-- i don't have to be wary of article keywords and all that stuff that can make money in the internet (believe me, i'm soo full of it already that i even tend to make sure my dreams fit the niche of that day)

-- i can put down more than 140 characters! weeee! (haha)

-- i miss my multiply bloggin' days: it was fun, crazy, pathetic... all at the same time. it's just too bad that i got so busy (err-wasting away) in 2009 that i haven't updated it. now, i just don't think i can stand the new multiply, it's so infested with stuff on sale that most of my pageviews these days were either from people selling undergarments and people on the hunt for teenage vampire novels. talk about insane.

-- my friendster blogs (way way back) were all about jobless crap. i was so depressed that i literally killed the word "emo". (insert snort here)

-- with vox, well, i don't know. it contains 3 goddamn posts that don't make sense.

-- now my tumblr is worst. it was waaaay lame that you'd wish you'd rather watch twilight parodies while kicking yourself 'til you hallucinate of sparkly vampires. all it contain was tons and tons of  viral funny pictures and lastfm feeds. now i think everyone have tumblr accounts and it would be a downfall to hell if anyone saw what my tumblr account looks like.

so i welcome myself to a wonderful 1st day of my new home. cheers. (i sound cheesy i know).


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