These Game Apps Are Killing Me!


Aside from taking much of my sleeping time, I think I'm showing withdrawal symptoms of not being able to continue or finish all the time management and tower defense game apps. I'm hooked. And yes, I need a life.

These addictive games are sure to keep your eyes glued and may cause you to develop Antisocial and ADD symptoms (or I may have them already):

Doodle Jump -simple. fun. All you have to do is shake your phone left or right to navigate it, making sure this cutesy won't fall while jumping all the way to the top, avoiding annoying obstacles along the way. Definitely great for those who are taking less than 10-minute breaks or waiting for that friend who never arrives on time.

lemme ride my rocket.

Plants Vs. Zombies - One of the best defense games out there. Someone who hasn't heard of plants vs. zombies must have lived under a giant rock all these months. It's uber popular that everywhere I go, I see laptop bringers on the verge of planting tangle kelps to drag those pesky dolphin-riding zombies down. Was so addicted to this early this year that for a week, my LSS was "There's a zombie on your lawn".

get this for only 25 sun!

Angry Birds - Insane. I love how it's strategic and funny at the same time. Once you start, it's reaaaally hard to stop. It's a castle-demolition game wherein your goal is to literally destroy all those annoying pigs by catapulting the birds to the pigs' direction. You will love the gameplay and the graphics. And you will most certainly love the sound the birds make when they are hurdled. 

Amateur Surgeon - The makings of a cool game: Sick. Funny. Addictive. You play a pizza delivery boy who wishes to become a master surgeon and one accident may actually turn this wish into a reality - but of course, in a retarded kind of way. Warning: This is not suitable for kids (and Hemophobics) due to its cartoon violence (don't say, I didn't warn ye!).

Is that a pizza cutter?

Sally's Spa - I have played this game about a year ago and this was a sequel to the equally-addictive Sally's Saloon. You work and manage your own spa while making your customers feel relaxed with your spa services. Facials, manicures, massages, and baths. One recommended time management game for the ladies.

Face Fighter Gold - One of the best fighting game apps I believe. You can choose which crazy-ass opponents you can fight, with deadly (ahem) weapons, in your chosen arena. What's great is that you can even make your friend or enemy or the ex-gf of your bf your opponent so you can showcase him/her your immortal judgment.

This face is sooo kickable.
Other great game apps you would like to download are:

Babel Rising - defense game
Airport Terminal - time management
Field Runners - tower defense
Touchgrind - Skate!
Bookworm - Word game 
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - it's GTA!
The Sims 3 - Simulation
Oregon Trail - Strategy
Zombie Farm - something like Farmville but with zombies

And many, many more. (I am actually just hungry).
So start tapping away! (lame, lame exit)